Mike Dürigen - Caisaman - Transcending Ambient Music


Being born and raised in Leipzig – Germany, I spent my youth in East Germany before the fall of the Berlin Wall. Growing up with the knowledge that my freedom was limited, my natural urge to explore the world, only grew stronger. So much so that I attempted (and failed) to flee to ‘The West’, where the grass was said to be greener.


As with many things that naturally come to pass when given time, I did reach the West eventually, and the grass was greener indeed. As time passed however, my life became more and more conformed, and I realized I wasn’t happy. In order to live a fulfilled life, I needed to follow my dreams, and live my passions. Never a person to be indecisive, I decided to rigorously change my life. I built myself a beautiful wooden circus caravan to live in, and devoted my life to music.


My attraction to the rhythm of the music, led me to be a passionate percussionist, until my desire for a more melodious (and yet percussive) way of creating music and rhythm brought me to explore the wide range of musical possibilities of the handpan.

Since the first time that I played the handpan, which by now, I cannot even imagine to be without for a single day, I have with time created a variety of my own compositions, that fascinate and inspire the audience (or so I'm told).

Over the years I have collaborated with various other musicians, who have played (and still do) an important part in developing my own melodious and dynamic style, and I am deeply thankful to them, for helping me grow artistically.


I can now say without a hint of irony, that I live the life I chose for myself. A life of travelling, exploring , and music. A life of freedom. Dreams do come true, when you dare take the roads that lead to them.