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                                                         " never forget to take time just for yourself. "



Mike Dürigen a.k.a. Caisaman is a passionate handpan musician. Without any traditional schooling, Mike is a self-taught handpan player, who first started his musical career in 2008. Since then he has developed a lovely melodious style.

He has created a variety of his own compositions on his instruments, whose exotic sounds and enchanting melodies fascinate and inspire the audience. 

He has collaborated with various musicians, with whom he has produced several albums, but is best known for his solo career as “Caisaman”, releasing his fourth solo album “Silent Poems” in 2018. 

the new album is out now! 


Caisaman - Silent Poems


When you close your eyes, and listen to the wind, smell the earth after a warm summer rain, and take a moment just for yourself, then you can hear the sweet and gentle stories of Silent Poems.

This new album by Caisaman is his most quiet, and introspective collection of compositions to date. 


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